Mercy Rule

Do not go to school tomorrow.

Just don’t.

Returning to the multiple point-of-view structure that made his debut novel Party so remarkable, author Tom Leveen spins a story of several high school students on the brink, and a school that can’t (or won’t) see the daily stressors they endure…or grasp the potential consequences of that ignorance.

Danny can’t get a fair shake from teachers or his parents, or even Cadence, the wide-eyed bundle of energy he’s falling in love with. Brady pretends to want to be an NFL quarterback, but really just needs a square meal and a roof over his head. Drea knows only one way to make the pain of neglect go away; Vivi feels under siege by girls who don’t like her type; and football star Donte has to quell his affection for the one girl in the entire school he absolutely cannot have while trying to protect Brady from Brady’s own worst impulses.

That’s just the first day.

Mercy Rule follows this diverse cast of authentically drawn teens as they ask the question somehow unique to modern American culture: Can you see me?

Do you see me?

Will you see me?

Because if you won’t . . . I’ll make you.



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