9781481466332What do you do when your world goes to hell?

Five years ago, Abby Booth’s mom, co-host of a ghost-hunting reality show, went missing while filming in a “haunted” cave in Arizona. Since then Abby’s life has all but fallen to pieces, most notably because of her dad’s deep depression and how they’ve drifted further and further apart.

But now at seventeen, Abby has decided that things will change. She plans to go to the same cave where her mom and the crew went missing and find out, once and for all, what happened there.

With the help of the co-host’s son Charlie and two of his friends, Abby sets off on a quest for answers . . . but what the group ends up finding, what they stumble across in that dark, primordial cave in Arizona, is nothing they could have ever imagined. 

Abby was investigating a possible haunting . . . She never expected that there could be something worse.

“The candle flame gutters. Its little pool of light  trembles. Darkness gathers. The demons begin to stir.” ~ Carl Sagan



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