Fear is worse than pain.Still getting rejections?Every story has a villain.sick11 narrators...manicpixiedreamgirlStay here.Follow your heart, or follow his?a ghost story novella

Available now.

Still getting rejections?

Maybe it's your dialogue. Find out now!

Every story has a villain.

I just didn't know it was me.


"Gore and action will leave enthralled readers thrilled." ~ Booklist

11 narrators...

And one story about one night that changes their lives.


Ever broken your own heart pursuing someone you couldn't have?

Stay here.

The world needs you.

Follow your heart, or follow his?

For every artist who's wondered if they were good enough

a ghost story novella

Available now.

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Oct 21 writing class
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What They Don’t Tell You About Publishing–Until It’s Too Late

Want the unvarnished, brutal facts about publishing fiction? Grit your teeth…

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